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Christian Men Together (CMT) for Scotland exists to encourage and equip Christian men for life at home, at work, at church and in their communities, and to enable them to share the gospel.

CMT works in partnership with theCommission, Scotland's day of challenge and encouragement for men.

Our Aims

Christian Men Together aims to:

Network Men's Groups around the country

Through a comprehensive diary of events. In each area of the country, we have an area co-ordinator whose aim is to make contact with existing mens' groups across the country and to encourage the growth of new groups.

Assist in the starting of new men's groups

From providing advice on kick starting your group, to obtaining guest speakers for your events programme, our area co-ordinators are there to help and equip you.

Provide training and opportunities for evangelism amongst men

We provide an annual training session for group leaders. We can also put you in touch with others who specialise in evangelism training.

Establish a platform for Christian men's voices to be heard

On ethical and moral issues. In partnership with CARE, we will inform your group of current Scottish and UK political issues and trends and where you can get involved and provide a Christian response.

Financially support Scottish-based mission at home and abroad

With specific fundraising projects.

Publicise the need for a vibrant men's ministry within local churches

We've been banging the drum across the country but we need you to do your bit. If you would like us to speak at your church or to provide you with more information, we would love to hear from you.

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