Details of how to give by Gift-Aid

Everyone who pays tax at the normal rate has the right to have gift aid added to donations given through charities.  In effect you would be claiming back your own funds paid in tax to Inland Revenue in the same tax year as your donation.  Perhaps you would consider, if you pay tax, sending your gift to a Missionary or Christian Organisation through Interlink.  The gift aid on your own donation would then come back quarterly to Interlink when it will be allocated according to your instructions.

It would be helpful if, when completing the Gift Aid Declaration, you could let the office know how you wish your reclaimed tax to be allocated.  

If, for example you wished to donate £10 per month, at the current tax rates, the £120 per year would become £150.  You do not have to make a commitment to giving on a regular basis; you may wish to make a “one off” gift or make donations at different times throughout the year.  It may be that you wish to remain anonymous to the recipient.  That is not a problem.  We can still make the claim to Inland Revenue on your behalf.  All transactions with Interlink are confidential.

Whether you give regularly by standing order, or occassionaly by cheque or card payment, please give this method of donating real consideration, as the benefits to the recipients are very worthwhile and all at no cost to you.

Click this link for the Gift Aid form or click on the picture.


This should be printed, completed and signed by you, then returned by post to:

Challenge House
Canal Street
G4 0AD

How the money you send is used

Your Gifts
We have contact with many missionaries and are happy to pass your gifts on to them.  All gifts sent to the office are used for the purpose you specify.  We do not deduct anything to cover administration costs.

If however you would rather give a general gift and leave the identifying of a particular need to the trustees, please indicate that in your correspondence to us.  In such cases a small part of your gift may be used for office expenses.

We are always grateful to those who do contribute towards this expense.

Credit Card/ Debit Card Payment
We have the facility to accept gifts transferred through your debit or credit card.  Please phone the office on 0141 332 3040 with your card details and this will be processed for you.

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